Strategic Print Solutions
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Strategic Print Solutions
Office: 609-818-1928
Toll-free: 1-888-609-1953


SPS LLC is a robust and diverse multi facility national platform. Comprised of niche focused printers, international paper resources, and multichannel distribution professionals. There is horsepower and redundancy, product, and geographic focus. When taken in totality, we are able to compete against any of the industry’s largest players… but without the red tape. We can do what you want, meet the tightest deadlines, have wonderful print fidelity and service, and, at very competitive prices. Our focus is on serving you!

A new business model embraces the evolving printing industry and provides the best fit for all your print needs.

SPS was designed and created to enhance the print experience. We are not defined by conventional business descriptions. We aren’t print brokers, nor are we captive sales employees. We are an independent contract sales group… also known as manufacturer’s representatives. Frequency projects, continuity programs, or single production events, our focus is on you… our customer.

The printing industry today is experiencing significant volatility. Plant closures, bankruptcies, acquisitions and the accompanying streamlining has challenged print buyers for all types of projects. But, there is also some good news… the evolution of print manufacturing equipment and data analytics has allowed for better targeting of customers and subscribers, efficient and focused print quantities, and better ROI. More value added capabilities allows for the ability to standout and be recognized. This differentiation, focused delivery, along with stellar service and high fidelity brings better results. “Print” in today’s world is much more than ink on paper.

The successful printers today are niche focused. The SPS portfolio of print partners have been assembled because they have the best equipment, for your specific project requirements. They are financially stable, nimble, efficient, and customer driven. They provide great value. SPS brings the competitive expertise of these organizations to you… and brings you to them.

SPS supports our print partners, and, our customers. We never actively pit one partner against another. We ask a lot of questions to uncover opportunities. This allows us to match your specific needs with the perfect print partner for the creation of the perfect fit.


SPS llc is a robust and diverse multi facility national platform. Comprised of niche focused printers, international paper resources, and multichannel distribution professionals. There is horsepower and redundancy, product, and geographic focus.

When taken in totality, we are able to compete against any of the industry’s largest players… but without the red tape. We can do what you want, meet the tightest deadlines, have wonderful print fidelity and service, and, at very competitive prices. Our focus is on serving you!

Special interest publications (SIP), city regional publications, visitor guides, B2B, and general consumer publications. Conventional size, tabloid, digest, and slim jim. Very small quantities to 1 million plus. Saddle stitch and adhesive bound. Frequencies of single events to weeklies.

Business to consumer, Business to business (capable of binding to 2 ½” spines). Tabloid, Queen size, digest, and slim jim, with wafer sealing to qualify for letter postal rates. Personalization, coding and messaging.

Programs include comail for publications, and catalogs; commingle for letter products, postal verification at all plants for city regional drop shipping, newsstand distribution, firm bundling, solo local entry, LTL, and conventional freight.

Certifications Certifications
All plants are G-7 certified as Master Printers. G7 is a global specification used to consistently achieve specific color targets. It works to reduce costs, have quick cycle time, and improve brand consistency. G7 is used to ensure consistent reproduction of design and color across marketing collateral, packaging, and signage regardless of the inks or substrates used.

Green InitiativesGreen Initiatives
Its important to SPS, our print partners, and our clients that we embrace a commitment to care for the environment. Innovation and technology now allows us to produce your products while reducing
waste, and reusing energy and materials. Our partners use soy/vegetable based inks, ecological solvents, energy efficient lighting, and recycle energy from equipment to heat and air condition their buildings

Direct Mail and Data Analytics
Creative asset and image management, mobilizing data, creating data models, focused targeting, and marshalling the newest print technology to do it all on time, and cost effectively.

Pharmaceutical Print and PackagingPharmaceutical Print and Packaging
Pharmaceutical sleeves, PI’s, manuals, package inserts, pressure sensitive labels, boxes.

Pharmaceutical Print and PackagingFinancial and Insurance Solutions
Retail, Packaging, Signage, and Kitting. Boxes, cartons, micro fluted packaging, sleeves, frozen food, shelf stable dry goods, promotional packaging, healthy and beauty, personal care, household products – signs and banners, exhibit displays, large format, outdoor/indoor banners, POP and POS solutions.

Pharmaceutical Print and PackagingMiscellaneous Marketing Collateral
Calendars, cards (flash, greeting, postcards), die-cut items, pressure sensitive labels, maps, neckers and hangers (bottle neckers, string neckers, and door hangers).

Learn why our customers consider us a trusted partner

The Journal Publications has been working with David Marks for many years. He has been extremely helpful in finding printers that fit our production and financial needs. Throughout the entire process, he has offered guidance and has been an advocate for The Journal. David continues to be readily available and willing to assist, especially when in a bind.

Michael DiMiceli, The Journal Publications

David is a very knowledgeable, creative person who truly understands the uniqueness of the print industry. He is a wonderful problem solver and consistently acts with credibility and reliability. I have known David professionally for 10+ years and I can sincerely say that he truly cares about his clients and their needs.

Tracie Lloyd, General Manager at KV Supply

David is professional, knowledgeable, dependable, resourceful and can be counted on to provide solutions that resolve issues and are cost efficient.

Jim DeCata, VP Production at Pace Communications

I have worked with David for many years. He provides a very personal level of customer service which in my opinion is critical. David is always looking for ways to provide additional value and reduce costs. I highly recommend David and look forward to working with him in the future.

Christopher Caughell, Marketing Manager at Dale Carnegie & Associates

David’s attention to detail and superior customer service have made the difference in choosing and keeping his company’s services. His integrity and straightforward approach to business challenges make him the consummate professional. Great business partner!

Michael Lawless, Publisher at DelVal Media

I’ve had the pleasure of working with David Marks as our sales representative for our print products. During the years that I have worked with David, he has provided creative and competitive solutions for many of our print requirements. David took the time to learn all aspects of our company’s products and services and was aggressive on working on our behalf for solutions and ideas for our company. David is aggressive, personable, and knowledgeable and has been a great partner on our behalf.

Mike Morgan, Vice President/Publishing Operations at Farm Journal Media

David’s outstanding knowledge of the printing industry makes him a tremendous asset to his customers. He’s helped us save on both manufacturing and mailing while presenting new ideas and educating us along the way. He’s a real pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing our relationship with him as our catalog business evolves.

Jeanne Kirby Bruneau, Creative Director for Films Media Group

David is a true professional. His knowledge of the printing processes plant equipment, mail costs, and other manufacturing options are of the highest order. Routinely he would come up with ideas that I hadn’t even considered, and as a result we always saw increased savings using his suggestions.

Anthony Floreno, Print Production and Web Manager JFT Media Properties

I have known and worked with David for over 25 years, during which time he has always been an invaluable asset, offering suggestions and keeping me abreast of changes and opportunities in the printing industry. He has always provided me with this in a timely fashion that seems to work well and often saves money.

This includes not only printing but market changes, raw materials, logistics options, postage and mailing methods. His expertise and knowledge can usually help guide me in resolving most issues related to printing and mailing.

Frank B Cusumano, President, Worldwide Collectibles


Generally speaking, a print broker will do only minimal discovery of those companies that they request pricing from. Brokers are transactional. They don’t care about a company’s focus, or culture, or fit, they want to maximize the greatest margins, to make the most money on a project.
Our manufacturing platform is comprised of a premier group of small to medium sized niche focused printers. Upon identifying the full scope of a project, the perfect print partner often becomes evident. When we submit a proposal to you, its conveyed on our print partner’s letterhead, operational relationships are established between the printer’s staff, and you. There is no intermediary.
As mentioned before, the research done prior to becoming a SPS print partner is extensive. This includes an evaluation of the company’s focus and specialty, equipment, and procedures, to make sure they are the most efficient possible. All pricing studies are continual and confirm market competitiveness. Because SPS representatives are not direct employees, our print partners are able to maintain margins with lower costs. The proposals you receive are always at market levels, or, in many cases better.
SPS representatives are experienced and knowledgeable. They understand the multichannel nature of the greater publishing and direct mail communities. How your specific needs dovetail into the manufacturing and distribution process. We listen, collaborate, and focus on ways to save your time and your money, all while exceeding your expectations. Additionally, we try to share some new perspectives (and ideas), to allow the new technologies to create new streams of revenue. We want to create a real partnership… and real value.
All of the SPS print partners are “full service” within their market niche. Along with great pricing high fidelity reproduction, and proactive customer service, the printers are familiar with your business. Your needs fit what they do every day. They have been selected because they are “the perfect fit” for what you need.


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3. Direct Mail and Data Analytics
4. Pharmaceutical Print and Packaging
5. Financial and Insurance Solutions
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